Stancija Kumparicka is a farm where we produce the highest quality goat cheeses. Our 250 goats graze on 200 hectares of ecologically clean pastures full of aromatic herbs on the east coast of the Istrian penninsula, between Mutvoran and Krnica. The farm was originally built in the 14th century and has been completely restored.

Our products made from unpasteurized milk include yoghurt, curd and whey, fresh lactic cheeses, semi-firm cheeses and caramel. They can be purchased at the farm or in our shop at the Pula main market. Alternatively, we can send them to you directly by mail.

We are open year-round for dinners at our restaurant Primitiva, gastro events and cheese-making courses. Visitors can see all the stages of production, from milking to the maturation of cheese.


We’re happy to welcome you!

Our guiding principle is a profound respect for nature and our goal is to promote genuine gastronomic tastes.

An array of top-quality restaurants has acknowledged the excellence of our products and include them on their menus. That excellence is based on taking the best of what nature has to offer, our love of animals and our pleasure in what we do. These values and joy are shared by all of us who work and live at the farm. Visit Kumparicka and share them with us!


Stancija Kumparička is one of the few milk farms in the region that has its own herd of goats. We breed them and milk themourselves and make cheese from our milk and thus have full control and can guarantee the quality of milk and tasty cheeses that come from it.

Our goats graze freely in the pasture during the day and shelter in the barn at will in rainy or windy weather. The mature female goats are milked twice a day, at 5am and 5pm. Our animals feed on different varieties of pastureland. Istria is renowned for its plant diversity and our farmland supports more than 80 types of aromatic herbs, grasses and bushes.

Breeding takes place in autumn and our baby goats arrive in March and April.




Virtually since pre-Roman times, cheese has been made in the area where our farm was built and where our goats now browse. It is not surprising that the goat is the symbol of Istria.

With every bite of our cheese you bite deeply into history, you taste the herbs of Istrian pastures (like sage and thyme), the salty breeze of the nearby sea and the milk of our goats. You will sense the human effort invested in the making of our cheese, where we pay daily attention to its maturation process. Some of our semi-firm cheeses made from unpasteurized milk are older than 30 months and have matured into true gastronomic delights.

In addition, we produce semi-firm cheeses matured between three and 30 months, fresh cheeses from unpasteurized milk (in the form of rolada and small cakes), feta and curd.

The whole process, from goat raising to cheese maturation, is carried through in accordance with the international HACCP system of sanitary control. We keep record of the production steps for every cheese we make. We are pleased to have attracted a considerable number of permanent clients. In other words, those who visit us once love to return!


Along with cheese, an exciting experience awaits you at Kumparicka! It is one of those places where, upon arrival, you look around, breathe in the fresh air - and get „that special feeling“. Does it come from the farm's perfect position on a hill overlooking the old village of Mutvoran and the slopes of south Istria? Is the feeling aroused by the abundance of trees and plants - and the animals that roam freely? Or the simple and elegant architecture of the buildings? Or perhaps the effect is made by the confluence of the winds from the sea and the land? Who knows! But it is not surprising that this idyllic spot has been settled for centuries.

You can visit Kumparicka to try our food or tour the cheese dairy or walk in the pastures and wood. We welcome spontaneous visits and small groups but also big groups such as school visits or large corporate events. Please book in advance for luches, dinners or tastings accompanied by top quality wines, olive oils and homemade saussages. While visiting, we invite you to purchase cheese in our shop.




8:00 - 12:00

Solution for the early birds!

The morning round of milking is usually finished by 8am. Then, over a cup of coffee, our collaboration begins. First, we plan which type of cheese we make today. Then we will put on light protective overalls, wash our hands and head for the dairy. Under the watchfull guidance of the cheese maker, we will create a top-notch cheese. We will watch how it changes in the maturation room. Having completed the cheese making - we will treat ourselves to a nice brunch. A walk around the farm is a lovely conclusion to this story.

Morning tour 8-12am includes:

Breakfast – cheese-making class – warm brunch of locally made food – each participant takes home two rounds of cheese

Max.6 persons - min. 3 persons, contact us for price and reservations


17:00 - 19:00

Every morning and every afternoon we take the goats to pasture. Join us and experience firsthand what goat herding is about. We will bring along a bag of food. When you lie on the grass and have a bite to eat and a refreshing drink, watching the goats and shepherd dogs trying to outmanoeuvre each others - you will experience true relaxation. Upon our return to the farm we indulge in some serious cheese tasting, along with other Istrian delicacies. Try to milk a goat or use the herbs you've collected to garnish your food.

Afternoon tour 5-7pm includes:

Goat-keeping class – a shepherd bag with homemade food and beverages – cheese tasting accompanied by homemade drink.

Max. 20 persons – min. 4 persons, contact us for price and reservation.


19:00 - 22:00


We eat – and therefore we cook – every day. Join us after 7:00pm and enjoy what we prepare both for us and for you (September through June please book in advance). Our food is made from locally-grown ingredients and changes daily and seasonally depending on what is available. At the end of a pleasant day, with good vibes in the air, we enjoy sharing a fine drink or two. As the sun sets down, our spirits rise.


If you happen to stroll around Pula's open-air market in the morning hours, make sure to drop by our street food bar named Plac-e (plac means market) which offers food inspired by international culinary trends but made from ingredients sourced in the Pula market while delicious pasta and bread are made at Kumparicka. Full stomachs and satisfied palates are guaranteed if you visit what is probably the best street food bar in town. On certain days food is also prepared at Plac-e during the evening „seasoned“ with nice drinks and good fun. Check out our Facebook page for info!


23:00 - ...

The night is young, the time of satyrs and fairiesis coming... So far everything went well and it's time to party. The atmosphere is good and for something extra we have a few cocktails. We dance around the fire and wait for dawn. Whether the moon is full or empty, every moon is a good reason to party.

Each party is custom made.


Every party is custom-made. Max. 60, min. 20 persons. Contact us for more information and booking



So that we would be able to devote our time to you, to show you everything interesting on the farm, to present our cheeses, please announce your arrival.

Tita: +385 92 263 2079

If Tita does not answer, complain to Ales on the number +385 99 669 0692

If you're still not get anyone on the phone, email us or come to Kumparicka at 7PM - someone will be there!


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